We gather a set of Frequently Asked Questions you may want to know about us:

1. Which photography area your company do?

-We are specialized on wedding day, pre-wedding, engagement photos shooting, and also neonatal baby, pregnancy and family photos.

2. Do you provide videography services, could I have some samples?

-Yes, we have a list of associated videographers with different styles and rate. I would like to listen what you need in the appointment and show you the samples at the same time.


3. Could I have photography services only in the wedding day?

-Yes, videography service is not compulsory.


4. Will you do the work of “guiding of Chinese wedding etiquettes” during the tea ceremony in wedding day?

-We believe the work of “guiding of Chinese wedding etiquettes” is professional and should be provided by specialists in this aspect. We are specialized on photography and we are happy to work with other professionals in the wedding.

-Also, it would be great if you have well communication with bridesmaids and groomsman about our shooting styles.


5. What equipments do you use?

-Equipments are important but not critical. I would say eyes and minds are always the key factors of beautiful pictures.

-I use Canon Full frame DSLR with prime lens mainly. I am a ambient light shooter, but sometime I have no choice to use artificial light, so flashes, light modifiers should be stand by in our trolley.


6. Do you provide same day slideshow?

-Yes, I love to provide that. Usually, I would make it as a gift if you could arrange time to show it in your banquet. I would bring along a macbook to do it. But approximately I need 3~4 hours for processing and finish it before the banquet, usually I would start editing around 17:00.


7. Should I provide your crew a meal?

-Not compulsory, but it would be great if you can provide a basic meal for us. Or at least a break for meal.


8. Is the price negotiable?

-We don’t want any couples have bad feeling when knowing others have lower price. That’s why all prices are not negotiable so as to be fair to all.


9. Do you accept oversea assignments?

-Yes, a new environment always stimulate new creation. We are welcome for that. Please contact us for inquiries