Just got 2 awards from AsiaWPA 2014 1st half competition.

Excellence award- details

asiawpa 2014- 1-award2 580

Excellence award- emotion

asiawpa 2014- 1-award1 580


So surprise to get a notice from NAPCP(The National Association of Professional Child Photographers), I received the 1st place from category of “family photo” in the “January 2014 International Image Competition”!


The first time I can find myself in the winning photo!

napcp awards 580


great news!
First time to get award from AGWPJA, 18th place in the categories of ring details

awards 160313-001 (single)

Good news from this morning!

So happy to know that I got 2 award winning photos from WPJA 2012 Q1 contest, a wedding  photography competition in the world judged by panels of award-winning photojournalists.

What a good start in 2012~

awards 280612-650-001 (single)


Judges Comments

This can be a very hard shot to make. But the photographer captured the right moment with the bride waving with the reflection showing the others waving back at her. Nicely done and a high degree of difficulty.

awards 280612-650-002 (single)


Judges Comments

One of the more storytelling photos in the bunch. Each little box in the frame adds a chapter/moment to the story told, and the framing is great. The clock is a nice touch, too.



I am so glad that I got an award winning photo of WPJA 2011 Q3 contest, a wedding  photography competition in the world judged by panels of award-winning photojournalists. I am so excited to be one of the award winning photographer from this contest. It is a great privilege for me as only 3 photographers from Hong Kong got awards in this contest.

Congratulate to the other 2 award winning photographers and special thanks for my bride and groom, angela and bill help me to take a great picture. :)




“These winning images reflect the outstanding creativity and skill of WPJA members, as well as represent the finest wedding photojournalists in the world and the high standards of this organization.”(by WPJA)



So excited to receive 1 accolade of excellence award in 2011 WPPI 1st half competition, especially there are 3200 image entries from all over the world. Thanks all who supporting us, and of course, special thanks to my lovely wife and daughter~