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MUA: Ka Lam

Many people ask me why I always have beautiful brides. Yes, it’s really truth and lucky that I always meet beautiful brides, but….seems that the grooms should be the most luckiest one. But of course I am a lucky one as well. =p

Back to here, it’s really lucky to meet pretty bride Angela and lucky groom Bill as they are my lucky couple. Why I said that? One of the photos from their wedding gave me an awards from 2011 Q3 WPJA contest. It’s really my pleasure to be their wedding day photographer, even I was the only one photographer take charge of both the group shoot and snap on the day.

Thanks angela for sending me a warm message after your wedding. Thankful message from couples are always my motive to move on. :)

angela and bill-001 (single)angela and bill-002 (single)angela and bill-003 (single)angela and bill-004 (single)angela and bill-005 (single)angela and bill-006 (single)angela and bill-007 (single)angela and bill-008 (single)angela and bill-009 (single)angela and bill-010 (single)angela and bill-011 (single)angela and bill-012 (single)angela and bill-013 (single)angela and bill-014 (single)angela and bill-015 (single)angela and bill-016 (single)angela and bill-017 (single)angela and bill-018 (single)angela and bill-019 (single)angela and bill-020 (single)angela and bill-021 (single)angela and bill-022 (single)angela and bill-023 (single)angela and bill-024 (single)angela and bill-025 (single)angela and bill-026 (single)angela and bill-027 (single)angela and bill-028 (single)angela and bill-029 (single)



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